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Feminale' fitness

Female fitness to the maximum of total health best describes feminale' fitness. We are fearless, fierce women on a mission to provide you the longlasting results you always wanted for that hourglass figure that will endure for a lifetime!

Feminale' Hourglass workout

For just 15 minutes, this exercise will burn fat along your outer thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen and obliques. Get ready to turn heads and have a physique unique to you!

Feminale' fabulous abs workout

For that fine, tight 6 pack, look no further. For only 15 minutes you will see immediate results resulting in a firm, toned core. Combined with a feminale' fit meal plan, you will see results in just 4 weeks to include a slim waist & tighter core. Get ready to shine while sporting your abs  with 100% confidence.

Feminale' H.I.I.T.

This is the ultimate fat burning exercise that guarantees minimum 300 calorie burn in under 30 minutes. Total Body fat burning is at maxium by combining kickboxing, aerobics and toning to help you achieve the lifestyle of fitness you have always deserved. 

Feminale' maker mayhem workout

Total body toning with focus on toning for sassy shoulders, toned triceps, proud chest muscles and the best core of your life. 20 minutes total will help you achieve the toned muscles that will last a lifetime.

feminale' fem-booty

That's right ladies. Let's be proud of the one thing our lower body sports that differentiates us, our buttocks. This workout will guarantee you a smaller waist and rounder buttock. This 20 minute glute burner will have you showered with compliments by people admiring you from behind wondering, "is she human?" You can tell them the truth, it is the Feminale' Glute !!

Feminale' finale

Daring 10 minutes of pure athelticism to incorporate core, upper and lower body with absolutely no weights. This is a total body shred that will for sure change your entire physique.

She Thanked God and She Believed to Receive

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