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Total Health Fitness, Delicious!

Fitness is 80% nutrition! Thats right; it does not matter how many hours we perfect our physique with cardiovascular work outs and muscle toning, our nutrition plays the biggest role in defining our body. This means we can accomplish total health with proper nutrition. You may be wondering what is the best nutrition to attain your goals? Remember, 5-7 servings of high fiber vegetables including tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, low sodium pickles, celery, green onions should be included in our daily foods ( I did not say diet because this has to become a lifestyle in order for it to work).

Be patient with yourself; if you are coming off of a high fat diet saturated in sugar, starch and other unhealthy elements this will take time to allow your taste buds to grow for this. Once you make the necessary adjustments to your meals, you will see this will become easier day by day.

Relax, let go and trust that our natural foods have produced everything we need to heal our bodies. We all truly can live in total health fitness.

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